Double Fisted Misery
Released March 8, 2003
Buddha Zen Records
Joe Boylan: Guitars, vocals
Walt Mamaluy: Bass
George Wright: Guitars
Chris Garafalo: Drums
Jason Jeffries: vocals
Dan Perry: Acoustic Guitar

1.Something Else
2.Didn’t Think it Would Be Like This
3.Jesus Help Us
4.Strangest Places
5.All I Have to Say
6.Scene of the Crime
7.Picking up the Straws

All songs Copyright 2003 TallTrees Music (Boylan/Davis/Mamaluy/Perry)
Recorded at Buddha Zen Studios
Philadelphia, PA
August 2002 – February 2003
Produced by Jeff Woloszyn
Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Woloszyn and Joe Boylan