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Keeping it Real
Released October 5, 2004
Neither Tenzing Norgay Records
Joe Boylan: Guitar, vocals
Dan Perry: Guitar, mandolin, percussion
Walt Mamaluy: Bass, vocals
Goegre Wright: Guitar, vocals
Wayne Lee: Drums

1 Soulless 
2 Throne of Judgement 
3 Catholics with Claymores 
4 Hemingway is Drunk 
5 Airport Road 
6 Broken Promises 
7 Grin and Bear It 
8 Peace Tonight 
9 Selling Out 
10 Go to Sleep 

All songs copyright 2004 Neither Tenzing Norgay Music
Recorded Summer 2004 at:
Wyld Studios Philadelphia, PA
White Tuxedo Studios Springfield, PA
Produced by The Disgruntled Sherpa Project
Mixed and Mastered by Steve LaFashia and Dan Perry 
Dedicated, with love, to Detective James “Sonny” Crocket. Possibly the Greatest American Ever.

After the success of their album “Farm Living”, The Disgruntled Sherpa Project is back with their follow-up album, Keeping it Real. Guitarists Joe Boylan, Dan Perry, Bassist Walt Mamaluy, Guitarist George Wright, and Drummer Wayne Lee depart from the country-influenced songs of Farm Living and, according to the band, the new album has a more a “rock” feel to it, that wasn’t quite ready in the debut album. 

“This is much more of a rock album whereas Farm Living was closer to country. It was a conscious decision and we added George Wright and Wayne Lee who are much more into hard rock than country. I spent a lot of time listening to Weezer and Metallica and started writing more songs using the drop D tuning which adds to a heavier sound,” adds Boylan. 

In naming the album, Perry explains: “Keeping it Real is a phrase that is thrown around so much, that it has become more of a joke than anything else. I’ve always used that phrase in that sense and we’ve said for years not that that would be a great album title. The title reflects the album as well, as far as the music goes as well,” 

“The album brings you everywhere from hard rock, stripped acoustic, mid-eastern flavor, acoustic country blues, and acoustic/mandolin heavy drunk tune. I don’t think it’s very predictable, therefore always keeping it interesting for the listener,” adds Perry. 

Soulless- Penned by Boylan with Perry’s music, the song chronicles the perils of a small-town girl who shows up in the big city and immediately latches on the glamour aspect of city life. “The song focuses on how shows like Sex and the City warped young women’s impressions about city life,” adds Boylan. 

Throne of Judgement -“I got a real sober, dark feeling from it. In a loose way, it has some Black Crowes influence,” according to Wright who sang and penned the song. “The song focuses on a man who is so self-absorbed, judgmental and isolated from the world. He never does adapt to change and eventually ends up alone,” adds Wright. 

Broken Promises – “This song was a tough one to write,” said Wright. “I loved the music by itself, but it gave me a feeling of desperation. I penned a somewhat personal story of a time when I felt a strong sense of desperation and trying to cling onto something and someone that was slipping away. It’s a song many people will relate to,” adds the guitarist. 

Hemingway is Drunk – According to Boylan, the song is appropriate now that interest in late Ernest Hemingway is surging now with new film projects. “I am really into Hemingway because he personified the ultimate man despite his failures. I penned the song on his joval drunken times in Key West with Walker Evans and Pauline Pfeiffer.” 

Catholics with Claymores – “The song is about Northern Ireland. I penned it after my trip to Derry a few years ago and saw the oppression these people faced with the ominous presence of the foreign military,” says Boylan. 

Airport Road – “One happy song does make it into this album,” says Perry. According to band members, the song reflects first kisses, first beers and memorable games played at Goshen Park, right off Airport Road. 

Grin and Bear it – “Most people will relate to this song because it centers around jobs we hate yet we just keep going every day. What keeps you motivated is the yearning to break free,” says Boylan who currently keeps a day job. 

Peace Tonight – “This track was influenced by the band “The Tea Party”, who incorporated many mid-eastern sounds and styles into their songs. This song centers around some one who blames God for their horrible existence,” says Boylan. 

Selling Out – “I had heard about ’emo’ music, which is short for Emotional punk,” explains Boylan. “The track is about how un-sympathetic I am to the plight of punk kids who live pampered lives and write poetry about their disdain for everyone. 

Go to Sleep- According to Perry this track was a good closer to the album because the track is a very subtle short song that serves as the coda, or in this case, “the eulogy”. “This certainly fits the latter,” concludes Perry.

The Disgruntled Sherpa Project are very cool and talented musicians! I like the album. I like the guitar work a lot on Throne of Judgement and on Catholics with Claymores…good bottleneck work there. So, record scouts open your eyes to these guys and sign them to a nice big fat juicy million. – Rik Darron

Got my CDs and checked them out finally!!!!! After the first album, hearing the new CD was a great improvement for the band’s sound. I think the lyrics have gotten better, the words have become more “real” (hence my liking the name of the album as much as everything there is to it) and the overall sound and music itself is outstanding. I liked the first album and I like this one even more. Favorite lyrics: 
Broken Promises. I felt that song, a lot. I absolutely love it. Airport Road brought me “memories.” I’ve heard Hemingway is Drunk before and I think it sounds even better now than it did when I heard it before. I’d recommend the cd to anyone, no matter what kind of music they like. Its not in the genre that I listen to at all and I still think its great. 

*Wink*Wink* Five stars, boys. – Dana Pinnock

ahhhh the disgruntled sherpa project….chill calm complex yet simple….riveting releasing and enchanting….orgasmic to the ears…me like. – Allie Henberg

i liked it a lot 
which surprised me 
cause most bands i get suck – Kat D