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Old Hat Released Febraury 14, 2006
Neither Tenzing Norgay Records
Joe Boylan: Guitars, harmonica, vocals
Dan Perry: Guitars, mandolin, dulcimer, percussion
Walt Mamaluy: Bass, vocals
George Wright: Guitars
Wayne Lee: Drums, percussion
Joe MacKale: Piano
Marlene Boylan: Vocals
Tommy F. Boylan: Tambourine, vocals
The Good Time Choir: Vocals

1.Long Time Coming 
2 Rock Bottom 
3 In a Meadow 
4 Crumbling Down 
5 Shenandoah 
6 Attila 
7 Senorita Song 
8 Western Prayer 
9 We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time 
10 Can’t Rain All the Time 
11 Perfect
12 If Only Because I Have You 

All songs copyright 2006 Neither Tenzing Norgay Music
Recorded at Electrical Hazzard Studios Drexel Hill PA
July – December 2005
Produced by The Disgrunlted Sherpa Project
Mixed and Mastered by Steve LaFashia and Dan Perry
Dedicated, with love, to Cye Jordan.


Long Time Coming
Western Prayer

The CD sounds great. Very different from the previous stuff but im really diggin it. Keep up the good work! – Matthew Rheam

I been waiting for a while for these guys to have a new CD out…I love it thats all I can say.. It feels like I am live at a hook show thats the feel that I get from it! – Sarah Cricket Weaver

I have to say that I like the album a lot. The only thing I would recommend is getting a true lead singer. Boylan’s good but even he’ll admit that hes not Freddie Mercury. everything else is great. I even like “We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time” even though it sounds like a song that would be on Saved by the Bell or something. Danny Perry does a great job on the mandolin, man. And I also like the additon of the skirt’s voice on couple of the songs. – MacMan and Dabny.

The Disgruntled Sherpa Project, Joe Boylan, Dan Perry, Walt Mamaluy, George Wright and Wayne Lee is a band that likes to do things in threes. They have three lead vocalists, three guitarists (really two guitarist with one multi-instrumentalist, Perry) and at least three different styles of music, all of which appear on their CD Old Hat. 

The CD starts out with an amazing rock tune, “Long Time Coming” with searing electric guitars, a great fat bassline, terrific drums and an earnest vocal that sounds like Paul Westerberg with a cold tying everything together. To more “rock” songs follow. “Rock Bottom” with dualing slide guitars over a crunchy rhythm track and TWO! Bass tracks and a very muddy “In a Meadow” which is murky but features some of the best vocals on the CD and an outstanding, explosive guitar solo. 

Here the band switches gears and follows up the rock with some bright acoustic tunes. “Crumbling Down” features layers of echoing acoustic guitars and a nicotined stained vocal of love lost and despair, the catchy plinking dual mandolins of “Shenandoah” drive along a song about the Civil War during the holidays. Following that is “Atilla” an extremely dark and brooding tune with some tasteful bluesy lead guitar and fantastic piano (that is a little too low in the mix). “Senorita Song” one of the higlights of the album is a driving acoustic song full of great Spanish percussion and tells the tale of love lost during wartime. “Western Prayer” is a loping cowboy song with bright guitars, great harmonies and images of families together and lovers torn apart. The extremely catchy and upbeat, “We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time” sounds like it was recorded at a New Year’s Eve party and is great fun, if not a little too poppy in comparison to the other tunes on the disc. 

“Can’t Rain All the Time” continues the upbeat message, but feels a little empty on the choruses and the harmonies are very rough, there is a nice female harmony vocal in the mix though. A doom filled, moody piece called, “Perfect” follows. This song competes with “Senorita Song” as the best on the disc. With a somber acoustic guitar holding the rhythm for two extremely dark lead guitars it tells of pain and hurt, but gives way to a joyous chorus about moving on, a great driving middle with a soaring guitar solo and a coda that has a great doubled solo. After the bombastic “Perfect” the CD ends with its own little coda. Just a finger picked acoustic guitar, a slide guitar simple bass and harmonica end the album with “If Only Because I Have You” a song that is barely longer than its title sung to perfection with a croaky contended voice. 

The band musically is very tight and very diverse. It has some of the best lead guitar playing I’ve heard in awhile and some very tight drumming. The only weak link are the vocals, but the band more than makes up for it with double tracking and layering harmony vocals on top of lead vocals. With three people singing, and its hard to tell who’s singing what from song to song and even within the same song, they make use of a nice vocal blend to cover the fact that none of them are fantastic vocalists. Overall, it doesn’t matter. There is great chemistry and creativity here as well as a great musical prowess that carries the CD. – Jim Dudley Pennsylvania Rocks.

The Disgruntled Sherpa Project has scored again with “Old Hat.” After listening to the first three tracks, I felt as though I had entered a wild honky-tonk bar, with a kick ass band appeal. Slightly classical rock, with a hint of funk is the norm, and a few ballads in between. 

When Sherpa hits the ground running, with an uptempo song like “Long Time Coming,” they really find their benchmark…a down home, rockingly refreshing good time. Not only is “Long Time Coming” appealing to their core, but should welcome outsiders to trapse upon Sherpa grounds. 

Sherpa’s appeal seems to have wafted upon their last effort. They seem more at ease with ballads, and softer toned melodies. I was especially surprised to hear such a wide variety of melodic genres in their repertoire. “Old Hat” is worth a gander, an ear, and a few bored DJs looking for something refreshingly original.- Jermie Adams,

Just bought the CD. You guys rocked at the East End in Newark, DE. – Elaine

Old Hat was primarily recorded in Walt Mamaluy’s unfinished basement during the fall of 2005 through December. It was truly “The Basement Tapes” of the band. A total DIY experience and a total team effort. With the recordings done in the basement then mixed and mastered by Steve LaFashia and Dan Perry at LaFashia’s recording studio.

Toasting to success

Mandolin tracking

Drum Tracking
Drum tracking and laundry drying
Vocal tracking with portable sound baffle
Rejected Cover Photo