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Scrambled Eggs release date: September 15, 2009.
Neithertenzingnorgay Records
Joe Boylan: Lead and rhythm guitar, vocals
Walt Mamaluy: Bass and vocals
George Wright: Rhythm and lead guitars, vocals
Naxerima Steel: Drums, percussion
David Reilly: Keyboards, piano, effects.

1. How Do You Think it Feels?
2. Big Red Balloon
3. I’m the Man
4. Rum Drunk
5. Never Really Here
6. We Are Us
7. Red Wine Stains
8. It’s Alright
9. When the Summer is Gone
10. Manayunk
11. What the World Expects of Me.

All songs copyright 2007 Neither Tenzing Norgay Music
Recorded at THE MUSIC BOX 
Delaware County, PA February – July 2009
Produced by David Reilly and The Disgruntled Sherpa Project
Mixed and Mastered by David Reilly


How Do You Think it Feels?

Comprising of roots rock, and power pop all combined with some studio experimentation SCCRAMBLED EGGS is easily the most diverse work from the prolific indie rock band, The Disgruntled Sherpa Project. After the departure of guitarist Dan Perry and drummer Wayne Lee the remaining members, Joe Boylan, Walt Mamaluy and George Wright called on the services of noted drummer Naxerima Steel and producer David Reilly to record the album’s eleven tracks. The result was the best album of the band’s career.