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The Wildwoods. Release Date: June 26, 2007. 
Neither Tenzing Norgay Records
Joe Boylan: Guitars, piano, vocals
Dan Perry: Guitars, organ, percussion, shakers
George Wright: Guitars, vocals
Walt Mamaluy: Bass, cowbell, vocals
Wayne Lee: Drums, percussion
Lauren Mackal: vocals
David Reilly: keyboards, synthesizer, steel drums

1. Not an Exit
2. New Jersey Avenue
3. Water
4. Spring Break: Central America
5. Afraid of Me
6. Child of Divorce
7. Nor’easter
8. Suffer in Silence
9. The Beautiful Losers

All songs copyright 2007 Neither Tenzing Norgay Music
Recorded at THE MUSIC BOX 
Delaware County, PA January – May 2007
Produced by David Reilly and The Disgruntled Sherpa Project
Mixed and Mastered by David Reilly
Dedicated, with love, to Burgers Westbrook.


New Jersey Avenue Afraid of Me Water


Pick up the CD if you haven’t already. 

The gang visiting Arcadia University Radio

I just got the CD the other day and I gave it a couple of spins while driving to and from work. The songs are awesome and have a nice cruising feel for some of the songs. Its a great listen and all of the songs have a nice transition. – John Romano, Promotion’s Director Arcadia University Radio.

Word of Mouth Magazine November 2007

As a collection straight-forward rock songs, The Disgruntled Sherpa Project call their new album “Wildwoods” a departure from their other work, and I agree. It certainly is different from previous albums, but don’t worry, it’s still a DSP album. It’s nice to see a band move in a different direction, and they prove that they are capable of many things. 

“Wildwoods” really showcases their skills as storytellers. This album is full of tales about heartache and angst, an indication that this album should be taken seriously. This is the kind of album where you set aside time to listen to the album while paying close attention to the lyrics. You can view the lyrics on this website: Anyone who has visited Wildwood NJ should pay close attention to the song “New Jersey Avenue,” because you might recognize some of the places that are mentioned. 

Whether they continue in this genre or surprise their fans by taking yet another new direction, I know that I will be looking forward to what they have to offer. Thanks to The Disgruntled Sherpa Project, I predict that more bands will be willing to try new things. – Word of Mouth Magazine. November 2007.

The name originally conjured up images of bluegrass, Americana roots music, but The Wildwoods is in acuality a holiday spot for Atlantic coast Americans. This CD takes place there and the band paints the town in despairing colours. 8 classic rock songs and one acoustic skiffle that deal with loss, confusion and the need for hope are all equally brilliant in both form and execution. A great find. – John Graham Manchester, England.

I listened to the Wildwoos CD over the weekend. Listened to it twice, actually. I think it sounds great. Seems like every time these guys come out with a CD they keep getting better. I think Lauren Mackal’s vocals added to the songs and sounded great as well. – Dana Pinnock.

We love pretty much everything about these five guys, from their ridiculously weird name to their addictively crisp folk-rock sound. – Play Philly Magazine – Summer 2007.

The Wildwood Boardwalk, 2007
On stage at The Trocadero Theater, April 2007
Trodacero Theater

Dan Perry, Trocadero Theater
George Wright and Dan Perry on stage at Whiskey Dix, now the Voltage Lounge. Summer 2007
Dan Perry, Summer 2007

Walt and Dan enjoying a laugh on stage at the Khyber Pass. CD Release show June 2007

Joe and Walt. The Underground. Summer 2007
George Wright
Joe enjoying a burger between shows. Jim Thorpe, PA August 2007
A haggard looking band photo Fall 2007

A demonic looking Wayne Lee
The legendary Summer Sendoff Show. September 2007
Joe and George. Backstage post Summer Sendoff
Tommy J, the real life main character of “New Jersey Avenue” makes use of the Summer Sendoff decorations.
Wayne Lee
Last photo of the classic line up. Fall 2007